This delicious and nutritious vegan dessert is made from whole food ingredients, with no added refined sugars or fats. To make this recipe an everyday snack, simply minus the chocolate, adding citrus zest to the date paste layer instead. Enjoying a sweet treat on occasion, is part of a healthy and balanced diet/lifestyle (moderation is key!), and by making your own from scratch, using un-processed, wholesome foods, you can feel good both psychologically and physiologically about indulging!


  • Organic European natural almonds (unpasteurized)
  • Soaked pitted dates (soak in warm water or tea for extra flavour!) split into 2
  • Almond butter
  • Dark chocolate chips or chopped chocolate bar (organic & fair trade if possible)
  • Alcohol-free vanilla extract
  • Salt

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Recipe by Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (R.H.N) Danielle Levy