Recipe by Registered Holistic Nutrition Consultant (R.H.N) Danielle Levy

I designed this recipe for my plant-based athlete clients, to provide them with a whole-food based, nutrient-dense, protein-rich energy bar. These bars are not only healthy but are delicious! offering a nice balance of sweet & salty, chewy and crunchy. Unlike most packaged commercial bars that have added sugars, oils, preservatives or processed/refined ingredients, these bars use strictly natural, organic ingredients. Each bar has about 10 grams of quick-release plant-based protein from the following sources:

• Raw almonds (1/4 cup = 7 gr protein)
• Flax seeds (2 tbls = 4 gr protein)
• Pumpkin seeds (3 tbls = 8 gr protein)
• Sesame seeds (2 tbls = 3 gr protein)
• Hemp Seeds (2 tbls = 5 gr protein)
• Chia Seeds (2 tbls = 6 gr protein)
• Dry roasted buckwheat groats (1/4 cup = 5 gr protein)
• Dried Chickpeas (1/4 cup = 9 gr protein)
• Dried Soybeans (1/4 cup = 11 gr protein)

This recipe also includes essential fatty acids (EFA’s Omega 3s) in the form of flax seed, hemp seed, and chia seeds. They contain healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in the nuts and seeds as well. These good fats have anti-inflammatory properties, are necessary for brain function, reduces risk of diabetes and heart disease, helps reduce blood cholesterol, balance hormones, along with numerous other benefits.

The only sugars in these bars are found in the whole dates and currents, which also bind the bars together. Dried fruits are high in simple carbohydrates or natural sugars, which provides the main source of ‘energy’ in these energy bars. After a long run or workout, obtaining a serving of healthy plant-based protein helps your muscle tissue to recover and rebuild. As a post-workout bar, the minerals found in these ingredients, including the mineral-rich sea salt, also provide some of electrolytes lost through sweating…..
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