the film fest

the film fest

a film festival specifically designed for creatives in the running space.

35 films were submitted, and 12 were selected to move forward to the panel of judges: darcy hennessey turenne (filmmaker), julien vallee (vallee duhamel), jason suarez (photographer), julie freeman kummer (like the wind magazine), brenden clarke (trials of miles); and dan marrett (ciele athletics).

on december 3rd, at mt sac stadium in walnut, california, we presented the 12 films and the judges selection. the festival was hosted by alexi pappas.

the winner of the audience vote at mt sac stadium was alex andrei’s film “state of the sport.” the winner of the film festival, as selected by the judges, was jérôme binette’s “confiné.”

vote now, until dec 12th at 11:5pm ET, for your favourite film (bottom of this page). the winning filmmaker for the internet vote will receive a $500 USD cash prize.

below you will find the recap of the evening at mt sac stadium, and the top 12 films individually with their respective description.

thank you to all filmmakers who put their work forward for the film festival!

the film fest – show recap
this is a recording of the live event that took place on december 3rd at mt sac stadium. hosted by alexi pappas, brenden clarke and dan marrett.

after each film, alexi and brenden share reactions.

the winners are announced at the end of the evening.
individual films – official selection
ten gold | james guardino
ten gold
ten gold is a documentary short about a lovable track coach named bill welsh and his quest to win ten gold medals in one master’s track meet – despite his age and cancer diagnosis. as the competition unfolds, bill reveals how running keeps him alive.
giants talk | manuel peric
giants talk
I feel the constant presence of mountains, trees, boulders, watching us. at one point I started to talk to them. sometimes loud, sometimes whispering & sometimes just listening. a clip about honouring every cold breeze, every silent moment when no one is around & I have this glimpse calmness.
varsity dudes | anthony solorzano
varsity dudes
a thematic musical short about how two teenagers of very different social cliques eventually become friends through their transformation as runners.
this is my race | philip forsey
this is my race
erin tetley has overcome weight issues through running and has found success living a healthier life. this film shows that running can be for everyone and success in this solo sport should be measured on one’s personal goals. erin is a close friend of philip who is always inspiring others to achieve their goals and reach for the stars. she is in everyone’s corner all the time – to her disadvantage sometimes, but she always pushes on at her own pace.
for stanley | bobby sullivan
for stanley
why do you run? everyone has their reasons, and the conventions don’t matter. runners are a different breed, where pain is the expectation and the consequence. what matters is whatever gets you out the door, and in this case the reason is a little different.
movement | dave hashim
two athletes discuss their bodies in motion from the inside out.
mahmood | annelise mecca
mahmood knew he wouldn’t find a safe and secure life in his beloved afghanistan, so he traveled by foot, lorry and paddle boat to reach greece. as he awaits the answer to his asylum claim on an island known for its horrid camp conditions and maltreatment of asylum-seekers, he has every reason to be tired. yet, day after day, he wakes up before the sun to log pre-dawn miles and, in the evening, lead his fellow runners – the yoga and sport with refugees running team – along the rocky, dusty trails of lesvos. because without a family, mental health care, or a home, he found all those things in his team, in running, and in the yoga and sport with refugee gym. and now mahmood has dreams.
state of the sport | alex andrei
state of the sport
an opening to discussions to change the sport for good.
residence in the soul | christian brecheis
residence in the soul
an intimate portrait of a writer, running culture curator, and black roses NYC founder knox robinson.
confiné | jérôme binette
confiné showcases montréal during the first days of the pandemic and the state of mind of a professional athlete. how one can still make sense of his training sessions during this challenging time.
christina’s fault | daniel winn
christina’s fault
daniel flees from the man whose wallet he stole, at his friend christina’s suggestion.
retreat | ben clement
this film speaks to the theme of retreating as individuals and as a collective. shown through the act of running. we either retreat into our minds for introspection or we can also retreat away to another environment with others for perspective and collective.

early in 2021, a group of guys from the am:pm.running crew decided to organize a running retreat a few hours out of the city of melbourne. they would spend the weekend bonding, learning and growing together. mixed between mindful moments, running and laughter. the experience taught each individual something new and brought the group together in ways that the effect is still showing up now.
voting has closed, as of dec 12th at 11:59pm EST. stay tuned to instagram for the announcement of the internet audience vote.
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