Words and images by: Hugh Langis
website : hughlangis.com

While other runners train to go faster, I’ve used my running as a space to slow down, to think about my creative process, admire the scenery, and draw playful narratives of what I see on my trails. 

This summer, I had the good luck to visit family and friends in my hometown of Percé, QC. My town is uniquely situated near the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, and has an almost 180-degree view of the Gulf of St.Lawrence (great if you love water; even better if you love -30°C winters). On any given day you can look out your window and see whales, dolphins, hiking trails along the Mont-Sainte-Anne, and the famous Rocher Percé, a monstrously large arched rock with a ghostly legend that scared early explorers. It was a nice reminder of how beautifully rugged and awe-inspiring the Canadian landscape can be. Even though I haven’t had the chance to participate in this race, I’ve heard incredible things about the new Ultra Trail Gaspesia 100, which runs between the shoreline and mountain ranges of Percé. My post-run celebration will be in front of a bowl of authentic, gooey, cheese-curds-so-fresh-you-can-see-the-cows poutine from La Cantine du Quai de Grande-Rivière. 

Hugh Langis is an illustrator, running enthusiast and product designer who specializes in the hospitality, startup and sports industries. He is currently training for his first marathon.