Words by: Joshua Parker

Pictures by: Greg Snyder

I just wanted to say thank you Angus.

Thank you for eagerly waking me up every morning before the sun rises to make sure I get the miles in.

Thank you for being excited no matter how painfully cold, terribly rainy or ridiculously snowy it is outside.

Thank you for pushing me to keep going with uninhibited exuberance and abandon,

no matter how exhausted I may be.

Thank you for being the first to greet the other travelers on the trail to ensure my safety,

whether they stand upright or run on all fours.

Thank you for always being there when the ascents seem insurmountable and the descents seem never-ending.

Thank you for being there to appreciate the magnificent glory of every mountain peak

and the solace of every empty meadow when there isn’t another soul around.

Thank you for keeping me company when the warm glow of the sun says its last farewells

and we only have the soft lonely glow of my headlamp to light the way.

Thank you for showing me that no matter how hard, how long, how excruciatingly tough our path is,

we can still have fun.

Thank you for reminding me when to eat and for making sure I always bring enough food to share.

Thank you for that goofy smile that inspires me to enjoy the adventure no matter what the coming days will bring.

Thank you for being my pacer, my coach, and my therapist all in one.

Most of all, thank you for being my best friend.

Joshua Parker and his German Wirehaired Pointer Angus can be found in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City.