It’s still dark. The shades are only half drawn, but there’s nothing more than the light from dim street lamps peaking in. It’s early. And it’s with reluctance that you pull that left sock on. Then the right. Then slowly, each shoe opening wide from the tongue to the toe. From the bottom eyelet to the top, one pair of laces at a time, you pull them taut. And as you lace up your runners, you begin to feel that familiar anxiety as your chest starts to tingle.

Ciele-Not Easy-GOCapFor many, it starts with that alarm. For some, it starts when the day ends. For others, it’s after the garbage is taken out, the kids are put to bed, and the sun has set. For most, it starts with reluctance.

It’s Not Easy, but it’s time to go.

Our One Time Only, Not Easy edition is our tribute to being a runner.Ciele-Not Easy-GOCap

Everybody Runs, whether you’re running to complete that marathon, that 10k, 5k, or to run a mile without walking; whether you’re running you first or fiftieth race; whether you’re running to compete or to find contentment.

It’s Not Easy, because there are elements to running that sometimes make it a daunting task: internal elements – the sweat, the pain, the shortness of breath, the impact on the pavement, track, or trail; and the external – rain, snow, heat, cold.

Because we put ourselves through hell to lace up those shoes, get out that door, and run.

It’s Not Easy being… a runner.

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